At last! SEE THE VIDEO! Undeniable proof that HITTTTTLER wrote “On The Origin of Species”! Undeniable!!!! PROOF!!! You know it’s true because of the way backbench SAG member Kirk Cameron waves his hands while he talks! HITTTTTLER! The same guy who wrote Obama’s Geezer Killing Health Care Plan! HITTTTTLER! These’s friggin’ jesuschristers quote HITTTTTTLER more than they quote their rabbi zombie god. They are HITTTLERIANS! What do you get a HITTTTTLERIAN for christmas? NO! WE won the War on Christmas! Now it’s ADOLPHMAS! When in doubt these jack-asses used to trot out the Wholly Bibble (not a typo). Now their number one weapon is HITTTTTLER! Wash your hands before dinner, young lady or HITTTTTLER will get you! Hmmmm you failed plane geometry! You better shape up or… HITTTTTTLER! All HITTTTLER All The Time! You give us 22 minutes vee vill take der vorld!
And they only made 50 thousand copies of their book. What smalltimers…


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