They Made Me A Criminal!

There’s going to be FINES for not buying medical insurance!

Click the above heading to read all about it…


Click Here For My Website! And LOTS OF FREE STUFF! NO FINES!!

Click Here For My Website! And LOTS OF FREE STUFF! NO FINES!!

Oh swell. Now if you cannot get medical insurance – you’re a goddamn criminal!
Folks, The Great Obama has pulled a bait and switch. This is NOT – REPEAT NOT – about insurance, it is about medical care. Medical care. Not insurance. Do not let them get away with this disgusting con. Did you seriously vote for Obama and the Dems so that they could make it MANDATORY that you enrich the insurance companies? Or did you vote for them to have UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CARE? I think you know the answer. And folks, you were conned by an amateur. You got screwed with your pants on. Why did you even think this nobody who came out of nowhere would take care of the medical mess? Which sound is louder… the champagne (vintage!) corks popping at the insurance companies or their snickering laughter. To all of you who voted for Obama and returned Pelosi/Reid et al to office… Thanks for making me a criminal. Will you be apologizing to the true progressives any time soon?


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