Bush Pigs Scared You So They Could Make $$$$

Well, here it is in print: The Bush pigs raised their psychotic Terror Level before the election in 2004 to scare voters: READ IT HERE.


Tom Ridge, the coward who scared  yo so he could get richer. Click His Nose To Read The Story!
Tom Ridge, the coward who scared yo so he could get richer. Click His Nose To Read The Story!

    What a surprise! The administration that used our military as cannon fodder for their sick agenda turns out to have been playing politics with Homeland Security. And you know who really bought it? All those scared to death, shitting in their pants right wing nut jobs who think that everybody in the world really hates us because we’re free. What cowards. Where’s the Home of the Brave these chicken-hawks pule about? 

So is it a real surprise that someone finally put it in writing? I don’t think so. knowing these folk it makes sense that Ridge is admitting it in a book so he can get more money. Look for him to be all over the media now plugging his tome. With thee pigs, It is all about the money. They wave the flag and get the “conservative” radio hucksters to sell it as patriotism to the ignorant suckers who listen in. That’s their audience. When the radio listening saps desert them, then they write a tell-all to move it to the other side. Scott McClellen ring a bell? Business is business and flag and country mean no more to these greedy bottom-feeders than the pool table meant to Prof. Harold Hill. The prospect of receiving a dollar renders them practically concupiscent. And they laugh at the true-believers who follow them by the millions; the same poor saps who believe that Obama is instituting “death panels” to kill off old folks. How bloody pathetic. And just imagine… Tom Ridge was one of their best and brightest….


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