We’re All Toast

From Frank Rich, Today’s NY Times:
“Health care is bad for ratings,” explained one cable anchor, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC, with refreshing public candor.

Nice to know that our future rests in the hands of schmucks with remotes living in their mothers’ basements.  Slobs who instantly change the channel if they don’t get enough T&A to make up for a certain lack in their lives. Voyeurs who will stay where they are forever. Gullible fools who control not just which brand of crap to put into their jejune brains but what the various networks display and thus convey to the public. They are in charge and now someone has admitted it.

The whole sick TV “culture” has got to go. Why people still invite hucksters and salesmen into their homes – let alone purchase giant HiDef screens through which to get brainwashed – mystifies me.

Dump the box – or the flat screen. It is killing you and you do not know it.

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