Give Us Full Medical Care Now!


The Compromiser in Chief Barak Obama is proving reluctant to bite the well manicured hand that feeds him, so he is not going to saddle Wall Street with any competition in the insurance markets. Even though they have gotten, what, 18 Billion dollars? Obama does not want to level the playing field for the multi-national insurance corporations and the profit making hospital.

So email the White House and tell him that we want a Public Option which will compete with the insurance companies.

Here is what I just sent Obama:

We must have a single payer/public option. It is time that the health and well being of people cease being an engine of profit for corporations, We are talking about people here and people are not commodities. Mr. President, you were elected to finally make the promise of Harry Truman a reality and bring real, complete medical coverage to all Americans. Hospitals and Insurance companies should not be profit making institutions. That is a horrible, horrible thing. If you need to find money for it, tax the rich and the frivolous. Place a 1,000% surcharge on idiotic medical procedures like vaginoplasty, chin implants, face lifts, lip thickenings and the euphemistically named “breast augmentations.” I am not talking about reconstructive surgery in the case of maiming, but the frivolous procedures. They use up vital resources – let them pay through the nose. As in Nose Jobs… Thank You

Click on the picture of the White House to send your message. It is that easy, folks.

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