Adventures In Tarot Reading #1


Want a FREE Tarot reading and more? Just click the card and scroll down on my website for FREE READINGS!

Want a FREE Tarot reading and more? Just click the card and scroll down on my website for FREE READINGS!

Now It Can Be Told….  (Drum Roll)

As a Spiritual Advisor and an Esoteric Practitioner, one of the ways I help people is by reading Tarot Cards. I read for a client – called The Querent in a reading – or to clarify things for myself – called Myself in a reading.

Early on in my Tarot career I had a few missteps, as have we all I imagine. Or I hope.  Here is what happened when I did a reading for a former friend whom we shall call Walter. Please note the use of the modifier, “former.”

One day Walter came to see me, all excited and aquiver. He had a chance to leave the overly expensive NYC and buy a house in Maine. He was a hairdresser and the house had room for him to work and to live. This was in the late 1980’s but the house – are you sitting down – cost only $50,000. Even then it was a steal. So he wanted to know what to do, being torn between the desire to stay and the uncertainty of leaving to start over and go into business for himself. He wanted a tarot reading. So… stupid me just shuffled and cut the cards without explaining certain things to him (that will be clear in a moment, trust me).
He asked,”What will my life be like if I but the house and move to Maine?”
I deal out the cards and when I flip the first one over it is the Death card. Walter shrieked and then fainted dead away! He slid off his chair under the table. He was not a small guy so my wife and I had all we could do to get him out from under there and back on the chair. He asked for water and we both went to the sink to get it. As soon as we were out of arm’s reach Walter scooped up his stuff and bolted for the door, never to be seen again by us. I never had the chance to explain to him that in the context of his question the Death card was a good sign, what with meaning a renewal and the end of one thing leading to the beginning of another.
From then on I ask querents if they’re familiar with Tarot, and even if they say yes they get a rundown – “Great. Then you know that…” and into my speech explaining certain cards like Death, the Devil, the Tower and especially the 10 of Swords if I use a deck with pictures on the Minor Cards.

Often I get asked if the cards can indeed predict death. I answer that we don’t need cards for that since – here’s the real cheerful part – we all die. Death is in all our futures. And in our past if you get my drift…

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