Your Papers Are In Order… Perhaps

So get this folks: Bank robberies are so common in New York City these days, that the NYPD wants the City Council to make it illegal for banks to go without bulletproof barriers! Read it here.

Hey, It's Not His Fault... It's The Bank's Fault!

Hey, It’s Not His Fault… It’s The Bank’s Fault!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Police Commissioner, Raymond Walter Kelly, is concerned that there are so many bank robberies that the police are being distracted from other work. “We don’t want to tell anyone how to run their businesses,” the kind and considerate Mr. Kelly said, “until it impacts our business.”

Frankly, I see the NYPD’s point on this one. With the economy in a free fall, and the next Great Depression right around the corner, well, banks just present too tempting a target.  And all those bank robberies certainly do drain police resources that could be well spent elsewhere. Like in… spying on the People and locking them up if they leave Free Speech Zones during political conventions. Or ticketing them if there is graffiti on their building.  And while we are at it, let us also ease the burden on the clogged up court system by doing away with trials when a Police Officers says the defendant is guilty. Why would a police officer lie? What a waste of resources those pesky trials are! And think of all the time and money we could save by simply eliminating those slick trial lawyers. If people are really innocent, they won’t need a lawyer to help them. Will they?

And to really cut down the number of bank robberies let’s go all out.  Let the City Council order the arrest of all those stubborn, inconsiderate folks who refuse to do their banking over the internet. Furthermore, exactly what are you doing with all that cash, anyway? Where did you get it? Would you mind coming down to headquarters? And bring your papers, please. Lawyer? No, no, my friend. You don’t need a lawyer…

LISTEN: When the state enacts laws to make things easier for the police, that is the very definition of a police State. Wake up, folks!

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3 Responses to “Your Papers Are In Order… Perhaps”

  1. Survive Unemployment Says:

    They want the bank robbers to have to resort to burglaries and muggings? After the trillion bucks we forked over to the banks, I say they should have to do without not only bulletproof glass, but alarm systems, security systems, and armed security guards. If crime is going to skyrocket, I can’t think of a more appropriate victim than the banks that caused this friggin’ mess.

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      You know, I never thought of that! You are so right on the money, forgive the pun. What do they think, that Mr. Bank Robber will see the bulletproof shield and say, “Well there’s nothing left for me but to give up my life of crime and become a useful and productive citizen”? Yes, the bank robber is simply taking back the taxpayer’s money and then spending it in the community…
      Thanks for a brilliant observation, friend.

  2. scottross79 Says:

    “Let the City Council order the arrest of all those stubborn, inconsiderate folks who refuse to do their banking over the internet.” Today the cabal of billionaires who run America see this as the bad result of outdated Legacy Systems, which they need something to come along and help them do away with. Something like, say… a mysterious virus…

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