My Brand New E-Z Fortune Telling Cards!


Click here to order your set!

Click here to order your set!

Need answers to a situation IN A HURRY? No time to shuffle and lay out tarot cards? Here is an amazing alternative. With my Magick E-Z Fortune Cards, I have created a SIMPLE, EASY to use alternative to a full Tarot deck, specifically tailored for those difficult decisions that come up in life now and then. Like every hour or so… No complex spreads – just carry these 15 cards in your pocket to stay ready to Divine the heart of a situation and get the advice you need to see your way through. I hope you enjoy using cards and that they provide some help to you. Just DOWNLOAD and print out FRONT TO BACK on two sheets of stiff paper such as presentation or photographic MATTE. Then use a cutter or a craft knife to cut the cards, just outside the black outlines of the reverse side (the side with the stunningly handsome fellow in the turban…). Then spend some time meditating upon the SPECIALLY CHOSEN IMAGES and use the deck any way you desire! Click on the sample cards to order yours!



Leave me a comment about why you would like these cards and what you would do with them and if I find merit to your words, I will get you a set FREE OF CHARGE!  NO STRINGS ATTACHED! 


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9 Responses to “My Brand New E-Z Fortune Telling Cards!”

  1. J. Preston Harvey Says:

    I would cherish & venerate your splendid cards as dearly as I do your wisdom, and would use the cards as a force for good in the world… (chatting up girls in bars is good, right?)

  2. sue wolf Says:

    i just LOVE your creativity. you don’t hafta gimme a set, the Very Reverend C … but i just want you 2 know that i think you are FUN. good luck w/knives and sedation. your pal in lala land. sue

  3. Jess Says:

    just checking out your blog. looks great. idk about that mojo hoodoo stuff tho. looks weird lol.

    wishing you all the best,

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      Hi, Jess! This is who I think it is, right? How’s things. Any new posts? Or just taking it easy for the summer?
      As to Hoodoo, it’s been around for hundreds of years and I can attest to its efficacy. Check out
      You will see many interesting discussions by many intelligent folks of all ages. Much more active by a mile than the pagan site. Give it a test-run… You may find some fascinating insights. Plus many fascinating folks.
      Best to you and yours,

  4. J. Hauck Says:

    In my quest to become an official Mojo Conjure Academy Credentialed Practitioner I would use your E-Z Fortune Telling Cards to determine what course of action the mass of dead souls who inhabit this plane of existence should take. During that initial marketing contact I would then find out if they require the more detailed traditional 15 card spread and refer them out to The Very Reverend Camarena!

  5. backpack closer Says:

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    am visiting this web page and reading very informative content at this place.



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