And the question is: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
As an Esoteric Practitioner I get asked some form of that question all the time. Why earthquakes? Why Tsunamis? How could God allow tornadoes to rip through communities, and the such. What do you tell people? What do you say to the woman who wants to know why a sinkhole ate up her home? You explain about “God’s Will” and then add, “And here’s more bad news lady: This session cost you $250.” No, seriously. How do you answer that question? You know that you have heard it or asked it yourself countless times.  I limited this to natural disaster because there is an obvious answer to people generated horrors like war and bombings and random murder: God did not allow that to happen, people did. So what do you say?
Here’s my answer to the question in the most concise form I know:

youareheretreeSMALLAny questions? Leave a comment or click the image above to get to my website and the CONTACT PAGE.

Class dismissed…


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