This Little Piggy Went To HELL!!!

Oh, Those Ga-Roovy 60's!

Oh, Those Ga-Roovy 60’s!

As the Great Edward Brophy was wont to exclaim, “Get a load of this!”
What a swell, clean-cut couple of High School Kids – High School Kids? Are you shitting me? High School?!? They’d be old for grad students for crying out loud! – as I was saying, two high school kids flirt with everlasting damnation in order to get a glimpse of the future. FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD BWA-HA-HA  Can you believe those insipid questions? C’mon you guys out there, you know what he’s really thinking: “Do the collars and cuffs match? Are they small and pink or the size of round brown flapjacks? Maybe even inverted?” Then comes, well, maybe that finally explains the phenomenon called “table-tipping”…
And does Miss America over there really think of the word “Ouija” complete with a ® symbol? Right. Sounds like these “kids” could use a little Spiritual Guidance

So what do you folks think they are really asking about? Let me know and I may even arrange a prize or two. Something from my Esoteric Supplies or even – if you’d like – something from my services (find out about my services and products at my website)



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