Just A Note On Magick

Okay, I truly dig this forum and all the fine people here. The people who talk, the people who lurk, the people who listen, the people the people the people

Now I want to bottom-line it a tad… For me, not for you or anyone else. I live it my way and share that with you; never to impose it upon you. No right way/wrong way here, just the Magician’s way. I want to know what you do, not what you want to be told how to do. DO it your way and teach an old dog like me… Experience over all else! Widsom needs Undertsanding to thrive. Balance. Balance. Balance. A new Aeon requires new brain waves.
My creed: Less discussion more action. “Evoke and evoke constantly!” Don’t worry worry worry chat chat – spring into it, friends. People have been doing this sort of thing for thousands of years. If something “goes wrong” that may well be just what you were looking for. Today in schools kids to the same chem “experiments” over and over again. Some kid gets a different result – he flunks. Or she has to do it again. Why not look at those errant results? That’s where learning comes from. All else is rote (“that’s all she rote”??). Do your magick and see what happens. Expect nothing not even the unexpected. Never shut the mind down. Oh hell, I could not get a cerulean blue candle, just a blue one. Cannot do my thing without it. Oh, yes you can. Who wants a magician with ADHD anyway? Fall in line! Get it just so. I want the ADHD magician. Concentrate the mind till it wanders on its own! Concentrate on lack of concentration… I have waited generations for the anomaly. I seek the bad result, the misunderstood result, the ineffable result, the intractable result, the ignominious result, the defiant result. I seek RESULTS. Damn the SpellCheck™ and full speed ahead. :lol: and kisses…

More another time…………. honest. Just please try to misunderstand what I say. Understand?


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