Cheney’s Got A B-I-I-I-I-I-IG Mouth

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Some in the press have called for former VP Cheney, selected by the Supreme Court for his previous job, to apologize for his recent comments about how he believes that president Obama making America a less safe country. Or maybe the Republicans should chastise this walking defibrillator for his out of place and wholly unprecedented comments which he spews out of both sides of his grimace at the drop of a television camera.  Frankly, I believe it goes beyond an apology or chastisement for “Cardiac Arrest” Cheney, it merits prosecution. On two fronts. 1) he not only admitted to torture, he delighted in his admission like a recalcitrant and arrogant serial killer on the witness stand. and 2) according to his own definition of a person who criticizes the “Commander in Chief” during war, Cheney’s a traitor to boot. Lord, how the G.O.P.  P.I.G.S slammed old Jimmy Carter for daring to even Question Bush The Elder (now Bush the Senile) on Bush’s Gulf War TV Series. That a former president should dare challenge the policies of a sitting (read: “ruling”) president such as George The Weeper was unheard of! Off with his smiling head! Now Cheney not only questions a sitting president’s war policy – he denounces it. In Mr. Cheney’s case – what is sauce for the goose ought to be sauce for the capon

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