Specter A Democrat? The Swine Flu Connection

Photo Courtesy Arlen Spector's Senate Office, which means our tax dollars.  

Photo Courtesy Arlen Spector's Senate Office, which means our tax dollars.


Lawdsy, dere’s so much back and forth about Sen. Arlen Specter’s switch from Republican to Democrat. Republicans glad to see him go… Democrats sticking their tongues out saying So there… Folks on both sides saying what a craven move this was- designed simply to avoid a political primary no doubt inspired by the revolving-door loyalties of that other political coward Michael Bloomberg of New York. But here’s something overlooked in the babble: Swine Flu. Or more precisely the media hoopla over our upcoming annihilation by this super-disease.  Iin the Swine Flu media circus we have the missing factor in this Senator’s “epiphany”

I explicate: For this last round of budget wrangling, t’was the elderly Senator Specter who led the Republican charge to eliminate – as pork! – money for nation-wide flu preparedness; about $900,000,000. So to smack him down, the Administration used an always compliant media to whip up a frenzy about this non-pandemic at the tail end of Flu Season. With nothing special on the horizon to warn viewers about and thus keep us in a state of constant fear, the TV “news” people were all too eager to run with this “deadly” story. In no time the damage was done by the TV folk looking for the crisis de jure so they can save their multimillion dollar paydays. Even though only about 40 people out of 300,000,000 contracted the disease, and a mild form to boot, the fear tactics worked and worked bigtime, as always. Go to your local drugstore and just try to purchase a face-mask to wear as a prophylactic measure against the flu. They are all out of stock! So now we have a Swine Flu hysteria matched only by past bullshit panics like Y2K and Avian Flu and gangs of “super-predator” kids murdering us for thrills and Flesh-Eating Bacteria and Communists and Castro and WMD pointing at us among other panics, none of which ever materialized but all of which made for what the media executives call “Good TV.” And thus the stage was set for the Specter coup de grace. With the nation focused on this non-issue all the administration needed was a simple press release to point out that Specter was against flu preparation. The old Un-American Bastard!  But the sly political fox outmaneuvered the newbie Administration by <i>joining</i> them. A brilliant move. Say what you will about old Arlen, I would hate to play against the old rascal in a game of chess.

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