A Conversation on… Capitalism

A new friend, Michael, left this comment on the blog about my previous post concerning the pseudo-religious Kabbalah-Lite so popular today among the self-help crowd:

“There’s a line between ethical commerce relating to magic and mysticism and exploitation is the bone you’re picking. Surely it’s not the folk magic tradition, but the misleading marketing upsetting you – and adding insult to injury is the example of the pop star falling for the same bullshit. Infuriating!

“But it’s not worth the upset. Madonna wears the thing therefore something similar can be sold (at great profit I’m sure) – and all the Madonna fans need to know is that the strings are ‘Kaballah strings’ ’cause that’s what the media has been calling them. So this is going down the way it is, almost because it has to. We live in a capitalist economy.”

My reply to Michael took up so much room, that I thought it would better serve both of us as a new post. Please note: This is the start of a discussion, not an argument. Not by any means. Anyone reading this can join in.

My Reply:

I most certainly agree with the first part of your comment about legitimate marketing of Magick and Mysticism. Without it, how would many people, myself included, learn about these traditions and purchase the wares to indulge our passion?

As to the second part, I do think it is worth at least some old fashioned (dare I say Biblical?) righteous indignation.  Capitalism, as the headlines scream almost daily, has failed on a massive scale of late. I prefer another term for the marketing/selling/buying world of entrepreneurs like you and me. We run businesses and work at building something. My real bone of contention, ripe for picking, is that people confuse business with capitalism. Take Willard “The Mitt” Romney who tried to purchase the presidency, or NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg. These men want people to think that they are businessmen when in fact they are nothing but capitalists. The difference between the two: capitalists create nothing; they simply buy up what others have created and hope someone will take it off their hands at a huge profit. That’s why they go about stripping down businesses; firing long-time workers, killing benefits, moving jobs off shore, etc. Anything for a dollar, no matter who it hurts. Their lust for more and more money inarguably gave the world legal slavery. In the 1970s, there was a huge case of several ranchers using illegal slave labor. Anything to cut costs so they can pocket more cold, hard cash. In fact, legal slavery may have been abolished on our land in the 1800’s but these “vulture capitalists” simply moved their beloved slavery off-shore to China, Brazil, even USA territory in the Marina Islands. Capitalists are a predacious bunch and through their greed have now destroyed economies across the globe.

Businessmen – and women – build things up. Bloomberg has billions of dollars so the blind folks in NYC think he understands money and finances. Yet many times this “financial wizard” has actually stated that he has had to raise taxes in the City to close his budget gaps because – are you sitting down? – NYC is not like the federal “govmin” (as he pronounces it) which prints money to close its budget deficits! The man is an ignoramus. Not only does the federal government not print money to close the deficits – or we would have massive inflation as the cost of having no deficit – but he does not know that the government doesn’t even print the money. Clearly Mr. Wall Street Whiz has no idea how the Federal Reserve works, or that – as has been often noted – they are as “federal” as Federal Express. So, Friend Michael, we should spread the word that marketing and business development have nothing to do with capitalism. Socialist countries do very well indeed for their businesses and their people. This unbridled, unregulated Turbo-Capitalism we have here as does no place else in the world is destructive. As Harry S Truman noted when he was a junior senator, for all its wealth and all its vast resources, Wall Street has yet to produce one true statesman. They worship Mammon, he continued. It still goes. But today they worship Moloch.


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2 Responses to “A Conversation on… Capitalism”

  1. Hallowed Says:

    Speaking of capitalism and governments:


    Sorry ’bout the link. Not sure if HTML works in comments.

  2. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    The link works fine, Hallowed. Thanks for posting it. Your comments are always most welcome here.

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