Back To Religion Today… Sort Of


Here's A Nice "Yiddish" Word: Hooey!

Here's A Nice "Yiddish" Word: Hooey!

Ok, so there’s this Jewish folk custom of wearing a roite bindele in order to protect against ein horeh, the evil eye (something found in all cultures).  But is it Kabbalah, the trendy pseudo-religion/self-help system touted by the old bag formerly known as Madonna and other assorted shiksa carpet munchers? Uh, no. It is simple folk magick that survives the shtetlach of Eastern Europe. Nothing more than a harmless talisman of the kind that a Jewish grandmother learned from her Jewish great-grandmother whilst hiding out from the Tzar’s myrmidons or trading matzoh ball recipes in the kitchen between pogroms (want to see see my own set of balls? CLICK HERE). 

Taking a bit of red thread and then allegedly saying some sort of prayer at the graveside of Rachel, then selling it for six bucks and up so that it may absorb your sins then fall away is not in the Torah, not in the Zohar and definitely not part of  הלכה. If it is part of any book, it is most likely part of this one. Christ almighty, folks haven’t our Jewish brethren been forced to suffer through enough shit over the millennia? Why don’t mass-marketed “celebrity” pishers just leave them the hell alone?

Folks, “Kabbalists Do It Better” is to Jewish mysticism what “Things Go Better With Coca-Cola” is to the French Champagne industry.

Damon Runyon famously wrote, “a rube is someone who’ll buy anything with varnish on it.” Get the picture? Don’t let yourself be taken for a costly and ultimately meaningless buggy ride by self-anointed holy hucksters. Want to know about REAL Talismans and Amulets, look no further than this link, or this one.


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4 Responses to “Back To Religion Today… Sort Of”

  1. Michael Robin Cooke Says:

    There’s a line between ethical commerce relating to magic and mysticism and exploitation is the bone you’re picking. Surely it’s not the folk magic tradition, but the misleading marketing upsetting you – and adding insult to injury is the example of the pop star falling for the same bullshit. Infuriating!

    But it’s not worth the upset. Madonna wears the thing therefore something similar can be sold (at great profit I’m sure) – and all the Madonna fans need to know is that the strings are ‘Kaballah strings’ ’cause that’s what the media has been calling them. So this is going down the way it is, almost because it has to. We live in a capitalist economy.

  2. A Conversation on… Capitalism « Rev. E. M. Camarena’s Blog Says:

    […] Rev. E. M. Camarena’s Blog Our Method Is Science… Our Aim Is Religion « Back To Religion Today… Sort Of […]

  3. Michael Robin Cooke Says:

    The Federal government doesn’t print money to cover deficit spending, in the cause if righteous privatisation, we have a private company called the Federal Reserve do that for us (and charge us interest increasing our debt.). And the primary result is inflation, just because the inflation rate now doesn’t match that of the 1970’s, doesn’t mean we are not experiencing inflation. Indeed, the inflation we experience right now possibly dwarfs that of the 70’s in light of it’s impact being dimmed as it’s the only thing keeping deflation (which is even more frightening to an economist) from broadly manifesting.

    You can dislike Bloomberg, but he’s not dumb. And as a politician he has to keep explanations as simple and non threatening as pobble

  4. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    Keeping explanations simple is fine. But they should at least be correct. Bloomberg has an instant answer for everything and to hear him tell it, he is always right. Actually, having covered Bloomberg for the last 7 years as mayor and even before that, I assure you that he really believes what he says about the government printing money to close the deficit. He has said it repeatedly, even on Meet The Press where the late Tim Russert as usual did not challenge this idiotic statement. Bloomberg has said many things equally stupid – and believe me I mean stupid – like when he repeatedly said that the Fire Dept. is “inefficient” because firemen spend very little time actually fighting fires. This dope had no idea of all the mechanical maintenance and training they go through. And personally, I would rather have them not have to spend any time fighting fires because that means we are much safer. What can we expect from a man who made his money when a Wall Street firm paid him $10,000,000 just to go away. And if he is such a business whiz – then why is his company going along okay without him? And what kind of business whiz operates what is consistently the lowest rated radio station in the City? I am telling you nothing that the other journalists do not know. The guy is a narcissist beyond belief. Listen to him sometimes. He ALWAYS talks about himself no matter what the issue. When Councilman James was shot and killed in City Hall, what was Bloomberg’s comment? “In all my 62 years, this is the worst day of my life.” That nugget of egomania was stricken from the mayoral website which has all his press conferences available for download. It was gone in two days. Do I dislike him? No, I think he is clearly demented and an angry man. Just a couple of days ago he snapped at a virtual paraplegic for doing something too slowly. His aides forced him to issue a standard political apology; “If he was offended I am sorry.” How about the time he had a bunch of “celebrities” to his townhouse to dine with the Olympic Committee in hopes of impressing the Committee so they would select NYC for the 2012 olympics? He drank two bottles of wine at the table and passed out. That made the news and Bloomberg said he was so depressed by it that for the next couple of weeks, he only ate pretzels and cake. The man is a nut and people just think he’s good because he isn’t Giuliani who had people in this town at each others’ throats. But I have asked over and over again of his supporters, what he did that makes them support him. What has he accomplished. Nobody has ever given me an answer to that question. Never. They just say, well, he knows business. Then why is the City bankrupt? Why did he not prepare for this, the Big Wall Street Genius? The Dept. of Buildings is in a mess with buildings collapsing, cranes toppling over killing people, corrupt inspectors being led out in handcuffs. Hospitals closed across the city and there was not a peep from Bloomberg. Stealing a public park for the Yankees to build their stadium with taxpayer money when tickets cost a fortune! Homelessness is up and he is closing shelters. He has twice upped real estate taxes forcing business to close even though Bloomberg said that businesses never pay the property tax, only the property owner does. All commercial leases pass 100% of the property taxes on to the renters. Whatever he is in charge of is in the toilet, even the school system. This kind of expertise we can do without. The Emperor has no clothes. I close by way of saying that Bloomberg, in my observation, is easily the stupidest elected official NYC has seen since Mario Procaccino.

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