To The Tea Bag Blogging Wind Bags

So I found a typical angry right-wing radio sucking intellectual zombie web log today. The misery-meister at the helm was bitching lipton-teapotpreviewand bitching about Obama and the democrats causing the bad economy, raising taxes, increasing the size of government, even voting for the new budget without [GASP!] reading it. So by way of reply,  deposited the following gentlemanly, reasoned and restrained comment:

Jesus, Jackson, get hold of yourself. Where were you Lisping Lipton losers when Reagan (Hosanna in the highest!) hit us with the biggest tax increase in U.S. history? Or when the legacy “C” student (who failed at everything he ever did including saving the Holy Free Market) stood by as billions of dollars simply vanished from the newly Liberated Iraq? And when Bush-Cheney installed the biggest increase in the size of government ever. And when the biggest loss of Constitutionally guaranteed rights – the USAPATRIOT act – was passed without being read.  Of course, republicists have some reading problems. Like when it says, oh, “Till death do we part,” or “Don’t Drive Drunk”…  How’s about the billions of money with no strings attached that Bush junior tossed at his banking cronies? Or when he commuted the sentence of a convicted criminal who was his pal. What, no tea bags to throw at these icon of idiocy?  Are you ignorant or just (heh-heh) hypocrites?

Here’s the deal, sonny: You squids lost. Get over it and stop spraying your vitriolic ink all over the place.

Look, I think Obama is from the same school of corrupt Wall Street money-humpers as the Republicists, so I hold no brief for “Change I Can Believe In,” but you guys need a few hits of some high-grade pot and a little anger management. The Conservative revolution is over and no amount of Orange Pekoe is going to change that. The People have changed the government as decidedly and ruthlessly as Newt and Rush and McCain and Dole changed wives when it suited their desires. So do a useful blog, something like the care and  nurturing of vineyards, specifically: the eradication of Sour Grapes.  And while we’re at it… grow up. Your anger at the “Government” should be directed at the people you really hate –  from your writing, that would be your parents, obviously. Take a psych class and reread your subtext with a Freudian eye. What a bunch of whining children you represent… Jump on into adulthood; the water’s fine. Heil Hannity!


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10 Responses to “To The Tea Bag Blogging Wind Bags”

  1. Hallowed Says:

    But I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism?

  2. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    I agree with you, friend. Dissent is certainly a higher form of patriotism than, say, needlessly sending the military into a war of choice or lying about the need to destroy another nation or wiretapping people in violation of the Constitution or setting up “free speech” zones so that citizens expressing themselves anywhere else get arrested and on and on. I also note the difference between dissent and misdirected psychotic rage. The true dissident differs from those afflicted with borderline personality disorder. Kindly remember, dear patriot, that sooner or later, all tea bags get soaked.

  3. Hallowed Says:

    One must be afflicted with BPD to protest taxes? Such a claim would hardly seem intellectually honest from.

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      Well, no, what you say misses my point; or maybe I went too far for the glib answer and buried what I meant. But I do think that anyone who has spent time around “protest” actions knows that a “professional” protester type is habitually attracted. And while we are on the subject, maybe we should both find a better word than “protest.” That makes it sound too anti. What we would probably both agree on is that neither of us protests taxes as much as we both advocate for more rational tax policy both in collecting and in spending. As to the size of government, don’t we already have enough laws on the books? I mean it has been over 200 years. Haven’t we just about covered everything by now? So why must the state, the county, the city and the federal legislatures constantly enact more and more laws? As is the case with, say, affirmative action, it will have to come to an end sometime. But when one raiises the question of whether or not this is the time, one gets called a protester. And still year after year we get all these new laws. You are in Atlanta? Is it the same there? More laws every year? When will it be done? I ask that as a way to advocate and not protest. I say, don’t let the powers that be define the struggle. Does this seem agreeable to you?

  4. Hallowed Says:

    I agree with removing the word protest here. Protesters are largely dumbfoundingly ignorant of what they’re protesting and bereft of any ability to articulate a point even if they had one. While I may be against the trend of government growth, for the above reason. I wouldn’t dare be caught at a protest of it. Or a protest of anything else for that matter. You touched on the hypocrisy of the current protests in your article. This is true to an extent. The current administration is on a tear compared to the previous one, who spend like a drunken sailor on leave compared to presidents before. There’s more to the story than Obamas spending, which many of these protesters are unwilling to recognize. While I like that people recognize and are against huge spending initiatives, they are sadly missing the bigger picture.

    As for rational tax policy, I’m a bit of a Doubting Thomas on that. I believe the government has already began it’s Big Bang. There’s little that can be done about it’s exponential growth until the people, en masse, decide that’s enough. The current administrations policies are symptomatic of the growth trend – but, due to the visibilty of the presidency – are the focal point at this moment. Hence the protesters treating it as though they are the center of gravity for the issue.

    All levels of government have been growing, are growing and will continue for decades. I have no excpectations for this trend to end until governments collapse under their own weight. I’d like to find a way to agitate against unconstrained growth, but alas, we’re along for the ride on this one for some time yet.

    If’n ya got any ideas on how to put the brakes on, I’m all ears.

  5. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    That’s a tough nut to crack, “Hallowed.” Too many people are willing to kill for their ungodly profits. As the late Eric Zoyd said, “Money’s great but it ain’t worth working for.” As long as there is a burst of new improved things to but, people will carve them and that takes $$$. Think hamster on a wheel. But since you mention the Big Bang, doesn’t say that eventually the universe will start to contract? Perhaps there’s hope that this situation will contract.

  6. Hallowed Says:

    Therin lies the problem. If government = universe, the contraction will be destructive. Ultimately, I suppose that will happen. Meaning the ones crying revolution – whom I giggle at – will be correct, though on a much longer time frame then they think and for reasons other than the ones they anticipate.

    It won’t be because Obama is some kind of vapid Marxist or an optional war. (which, oddly enough, may end up being more effective at fighting terrorism in the long term than the one we were arguably dragged in to) It will utlimately be a result of the apathy of the collective allowing elected representitives to use our own pocket to purchase themselves support or publicity in the next election.

    Hopefully people like you and I can slow that day down. I dunno maybe term limits helps, but I’m not certain enough to push for it.

  7. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    Hey, Hallowed! Get this: Today the NYC Council announced a plan to OUTLAW the sale of fast food with 2 blocks of a school! They say this is because a study shows that within that distance, kids are fatter. So how about this? Ban schools from being within 2 blocks of fast food. Or better yet ban kids from schools within two blocks of fast food. And how do we define fast food? there’s a few delis and pizza joints near these schools. They dot all of Manhattan. Are they fast food? What a bunch of yutzes.
    I live between two high schools. Years ago McDonalds opened around the corner specifically for the foot traffic from the kids. So now what?
    See? These dopes in government make these social-engineering rules and that’s what turns kind-hearted liberal democrats into republicans. As we said, why all the new laws?

  8. Hallowed Says:

    The Charlatans of Social Experiment continue unabated and attempt yet again to ‘fix’ everything in sight whether it is there place to or not. A childs nutrition is clearly the responsibility of the parent, not government. The obesity epidemic is not a government creation and therefore cannot be solved by government.

    Another thing that catches my eye here is the proximity thingy. Most students live within a couple miles of their school. Many well within one mile. Meaning they have reasonable access to fast food while not traveling to and fro their place of education. More effective would be to ban fast food within a certain proximity to children. 🙂 Fast food can no longer be allowed within two miles of a residential neighborhood and those icky food courts at the mall have to go.

    Delis and pizza joints, provided they have the food ready made, would seem to fit fast food. As would all those coffee shops with their sammiches and snacks. Any such regulation would end up being so Byzantine that any small business would be hopeless in attempting to operate in the areas regulated. There goes any Mom-n-Pop shops within what would certainly become an ever larger radius.

    It is this kind of action by government that cause my leap to the conservative side of the aisle and began associating with and calling myself a republican. I have an easier time brushing off the social conservatives, as they are waning in influence than I do the social charlatans, who are gaining influence.

  9. Hallowed Says:


    How I ever got through 5th grade English, I will never know.

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