Crystal Gazing Book Is Here!

Click For More About My Book 

Click For More About My Book

While modesty may forbid, well screw modesty. MoJo Bros. Books is the imprint for my book on the art of crystal ball gazing. I have reedited the classic OOP 1923 text by Frater Achad with my own thoughts in a newly written preface. I happen to love the art of Crystal Gazing. As is the case with so many of the things we call Esoteric and Occult today, the art of skrying – be it with crystal ball or Magick Mirror – once was practiced and understood by many people. In my preface I develop a coherent, cogent and – oh skip it! It’s a freakin’ rant is what it is. A rant about how we have let technological devices improve the hell out of our lives. And we have lost the touch of Tarot reading and Crystal Gazing. Both now are the grist for Hollywood’s horror movie mill. More’s the pity… or is that s’mores the pity? I always hated those things. Give me a dry martini any day (Oh! How I miss my dry martinis, but I’ll save that for later…)

In the meantime, if you have any fondness for the olde ways of doing things – treat yourself to a crystal ball and a copy of this book. Each will run you less than $20. And in my preface, I tell you where to get the best Crystal Ball bargains around. Just click the image of the book to get a copy.


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