Didn’t We Fire The Roman Church In 1776?

Today, while listening to WNYC-AM, a “public” radio station based here in New York City, I heard something that made me send in a letter. This is something which one hears all the time in the electronic media, less so in print but often enough there, so many people have grown accustomed to it. I have not and continue to point it out whenever I see the need. It would seem like a patriotic duty for everybody to take umbrage at what I heard and inundate the offending news outlets with similar missives (note: not missiles, missives). Here is what I sent. I look forward to their response and to all comments here.

Hi, folks.
I have a bone to pick with you, if you will be so kind as to indulge me for a few minutes.
Earlier today, during one of your local news breaks, a news-reader on your station reported that Cardinal Egan had been placed in the hospital for possible pacemaker implantation surgery.
On a large scale, I fail to see why this is newsworthy, let alone the top story on your newsbreak. Egan is simply an extremely wealthy executive in a multinational/tax-exempt corporation. His day-to-day medical needs hardly seem important at the best of times; less so during all the things going on in the world, from the Obama Administration firing deadly missiles into Pakistan to the record unemployment devastating  families across our area. But that leads to my main point:
Your copywriter referred to Egan as “New York’s Archbishop.” Needless to say, or so I thought, is the fact that there exists no such position as “Archbishop of New York.” Egan is the Roman Catholic Church’s Archbishop covering their interests in the New York area, but that is it. This is not Paris locked in the iron fist of Cardinal Richelieu, this is 21st century New York and we no more have an Archbishop than we do a Chief Rabbi or a Head Imam or a Chief Shaman. I ask that you please stop referring to Egan, and the new executive who will soon take over his territory, as “New York’s” anything, be it Cardinal, Bishop, Archbishop or Witch Doctor.  These people, part of a once-mighty organization which for centuries terrorized Europe and then oversaw the systematic genocide of peoples indigenous to the “New World,” have mercifully lost their grip on modern society. In fact, the separation of church and state, so unique to the nascent United States, was imposed precisely because of the outrages perpetrated by church executives against blameless people by the millions when the Roman church ruled their lives.
So please stop calling the Roman Church’s representative in this free corner of the world “New York’s Archbishop.” It makes a mockery of the Bill of Rights when you do so.
This may seem like a mere trifle to you, but to the people in the late 18th century who created this country,  it was a trifle worth fighting and dying for.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Please respond to this e-mail in writing.


Rev. E.M. Camarena, Ph.D


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One Response to “Didn’t We Fire The Roman Church In 1776?”

  1. Graham Dundas Says:

    I agree with your sentiments, and the USA has been the haven for bible beleiving christians from its foundation; But do not forget 50 – 95 million christians in Europe died and were tortured, at the hands of Rome, for you to enjoy this privelege…..and even now as your country goes the way of us all, that the bible has continued on it’s way west. There are now 100 million chinese christians (fortunately the catholic presence remains small)

    Yours in Christ


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