Yummy! We Get To Eat Cake!

First an apology:  I am quite aware that I am quite derelict in my response to the good Timothy who so kindly took the time to post an alternative view to my own opinion on the subject of Holy Indulgences now being sold by the Roman church. Barring something unexpected (notice my cop-out loophole there?) I shall have a reply in the next posting. But today…

Senator Grassley, a shit-kicker hog farmer from, I believe, Iowa, has uncovered a plan to let the broken down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (what cloying cute names) distrubute hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to workers in the form of “retention bonuses” to keep these financial wizards from leaving the firm. Yes, the same brilliantes who lost these firms so much money last year alone that they required hundred of billions in taxpayer welfare. Fannie and Freddy dropped $110,000,000,000 last year and got $400,000,000,000 from you and me to make up the loss. The only person who should be retained is the guy who put that 4-to-1 deal over.  That’s a key worker in my book.  I have friends who barely made 40 grand a year and lost their jobs last year. So will they get unemployment benefits adding up to 160 thousand dollars? I think not. But while the requisite public cry goes out, what will happen? Nothing, if the past is any guide.

As I posted on the NY Times website today, Sen. Grassley has a positive history of uncovering abuses of government funds. That’s fine as far as it goes. But what will be done about this? The idiotic argument some have advanced, that the outrage is like blaming the surgeon for the lung cancer he is operating on, carries no weight, neither intellectual nor moral. This is the scenario we really have here: Imagine a Chief of Police announcing that the Department solved a particularly heinous crime but there was no point in turning it over to the District Attorney for prosecution. It is just enough that the crime was uncovered and exposed. That would never do. And the crime here? Hell, it can be anything from coercion and/or extortion (”pay up or we leave”) to criminal conversion of government funds. Now that we working people have been told to “eat cake,” what to we do? We start trading recipes and get down to baking. Many of us even get real creative with useless crap like icing (metaphore for March Madness and Baseball Season – diversions that seem to work).  What a bunch of sheep we Mighty American’s have become.



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