Bloomberg to The Rich: I Only Have Eyes For You!

I’ll get to that epistle I mentioned in my next post, but first this important piece from the front page of my newspaper here in NYC:

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Bloomberg's "Beer-Goggles"
Bloomberg’s “Beer-Goggles”

On Mayor Bloomberg’s Friday morning radio program (3/6/09; hear it for yourself at, the subject of his incredibly huge budget deficit came up. Many responsible people and groups, including some Labor Unions, have called for fixing the budget gap by instating an additional tax on folks making more than a quarter million dollars a year. Bloomberg said that’s out of the question. For reasons, he gave two bizarre, mutually exclusive answers: One minute he says, with a weird, Peter Lorre type laugh, “We can tax the rich, except that if you haven’t looked at the stock market lately? They aren’t making any money.”  When he stopped laughing at his own “witty” remark he then said we couldn’t tax the rich to fix his mess because the rich will simply pack up and move away.  In direct response to the issue of taxing the wealthy Bloomberg said, “We’re gonna be fair in terms of how we spread the pain, but – ” Ah, the inevitable “but”…  “You know, I’ve said this before,” Bloomberg continued. “First rule of taxation is you can’t tax those that, uh, too much you can’t, eh, you, you can’t tax too much those that can move.”

Whoa there, Nellie!  Let’s look at that in slow motion… Bloomberg says he can’t tax the rich because they are not making any money from their investments, so there’s nothing to tax. Okay. Then he says that he won’t tax the rich because rather than fork over the money, they’ll move away. Well, why would they “move” if they have no money to be taxed? And why would we want them to stay if Bloomberg gives them a break on taxes?  It makes no sense.  Well, it does make sense if – like Bloomberg – you are filthy rich.  Under this scam, the super-rich pay no additional tax when they have no stock market gains, and they don’t pay higher taxes when they do make money, because they should stay here.  But Bloomberg will raise taxes and cut services for those of us who cannot afford to pack up and skip town or live off our investments. This is spreading the pain fairly?  Refusing to up taxes on the highest earners in the world?  That’s a hell of a good deal for the Wall Street people who are now getting billions in taxpayer dollars – and who caused this financial mess in the first place!  So that’s what Leona Helmsley meant when she said, “only the little people pay taxes.”

But it gets weirder…

After noting that people have been, what he calls, “yelling and screaming about the rich,” Bloomberg tosses out this gem:  “We want rich from around this country to move here. We love the rich people.  They are the ones that buy at the stores so that people who work in the stores have jobs and the stores, uh, generate sales tax; the rich are the ones that go to the expensive restaurants, uh, where, um, it, uh, as a matter of fact I looked at a list the other day of restaurants that – where the staff is unionized, and they’re the expensive restaurants, they’re not the cheap restaurants, those people want their jobs and, you know, you’d think their unions would – ” at this point his partner on the show interrupted, saying, “Have people in the seats.” Bloomberg heartily agreed. 

The Mayor then went on to explain that folks who serve rich people need to have confidence that they will not lose their jobs and will not lose their homes. Then he actually blamed the fears of working people for causing the current problems in the economy! “Most people won’t [lose their jobs or “houses”], he said, “but they are afraid they will so they’re creating the very recession that they’re sort of worried about.”

This is amazing! Why hasn’t this outrageous allegation been all over the corporate controlled media?

About the rich shopping, notice that Bloomberg did not say they shop at Tiffany, Harry Winston or Van Cleef  & Arpels. He said, “they’re the ones who buy at the stores,” as if you and I don’t shop.  And exactly why do they “buy at the stores”? “So that people who work in the stores have jobs!”  By shopping, according to Bloomberg, the rich are doing us lowly working stiffs a favor!  What is this, the old Trickle Down malarkey?  If anything, the current economic situation proves beyond any doubt that this boneheaded Reagan Era proposition doesn’t work. Over the last eight years the rich have gotten way richer and the middle-class has shrunk.  Nothing’s trickled down – at least nothing we can print in a family newspaper.  At this writing, national unemployment has risen to over 8%, untold millions of working people have lost their homes and last month alone, nearly 25,000 Americans a day lost their jobs. But “we love the rich” and want more of them to move here. Hey, but what the hell; at least the rich are decent enough to shop so we peons can have a job.  And they are philanthropic enough to provide union jobs by eating at “expensive restaurants” rather than those tacky “cheap restaurants” you and I go to. Well, those “cheap restaurants,” as Bloomberg so derisively calls them, are our neighbors in the community. They are our friends. They help people out when they are sick and they extend credit to people who come up a few bucks short at the end of the month.  These owners of “cheap restaurants” work pretty damn hard and put in long hours to help make this a better city. And many of them have damn fine food; better in many cases – and cleaner – than some Celebrity Chef, expensive places.  And while we’re on the subject, just what the hell is the Mayor of New York doing with a list of restaurants that are unionized? The thought sends a chill down our spine.

So that’s what Bloomberg thinks of the average, working New Yorker. We have jobs, not to feed, clothe, house and educate our families or ourselves – we have jobs merely to cater to and serve the rich.  That’s more than enough of a contribution for them. Why should they be made to pay additional taxes?  Why don’t we all just take a Bloomberg Day Off to say Thank You, Guys.  Thanks for eating in expensive although not necessarily better restaurants than we do.  And Thanks A Lot for shopping so that we can stand on our feet all day and serve you from behind the counter. We sure does loves it when The Massa goes a-shoppin’.  They buy all sorts of nice things, like $6,000 shower curtains and fuel-sucking private jets. Unfortunately, here’s something else the rich are kind and considerate enough to buy: Elections!


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3 Responses to “Bloomberg to The Rich: I Only Have Eyes For You!”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    I say we run Bloomberg out of town. Let the extension ruling term limits hit him in the back side on the way out. This man along with the Councilmembers who turned on the people must not get another four (4) years in office. He is a disaster for the working man and the poor.

  2. bydesign001 Says:

    And what is he doing with a list of unionized restaurants? If I were the unions, I’d worry about that one for sure.

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