Spiritual Guidance

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: Many of us have had our heads screwed up and crammed with other people’s beliefs and fears. It is very difficult, for example, for many people to approach the Bible because it has never been presented to them in a way that is human and humane. Many others equate the occult with blasphemy because of those voices deep within which really belong to someone else. People must get over that in order to deal with religion and spirituality on their own

erasethosetapesterms. I can help you to ERASE THE TAPES implanted during early childhood. You are an adult now, YOU NO LONGER NEED THOSE TAPES. Let’s ERASE THE TAPES forever so you can live your own life in your own way.

Many people preach long and hard to tell you that only one way exists to becomepreacher one with the Godhead. Naturally, that one way is their way. So consider this: You and I both want to get to Chicago. I, situated in New York City, would have to travel west. You, however leave from San Francisco so you have to go east. We have each traveled in opposite directions yet we got to the same place. So now what should we make of this? We start to argue. You insisting that going east is the only way and I just as dogmatically, insist that the only way you get to Chicago is by going west. We argue and get nowhere. A man wanders by, little suspecting what we are about to draw him into. We grab the man and lay it all out for him. “East is the only way!” “West is best!” so we decide to ask the man how he managed to get to Chicago.  So he says he’s from Mississippi and we’re both nuts- you get to Chicago by going north. And he storms off convinced that we’re both wrong. Does that kind of behavior make sense to you? It shouldn’t. Yet that’s how many people view religion. Going so far as to smugly insist that if you don’t believe in the same thing they believe in, the God the benevolent, God the merciful, God the loving, will crush you into little pieces and roast you alive for all eternity. Gee, thanks, Oh Merciful One.

Now, I don’t mean to make fun of people who think that way (yeah, right) but millions do and others have that message burned over and over again into their heads. It is like a Jewish woman I know who was raised in a strictly kosher household. Years later, as an adult and on her own, she no longer practiced the religion. It was a choice made in a rational way. No big deal. But that childhood training sure came rushing back to her the very first time she ate a pork chop! All those tapes started playing full-blast in Quadraphonic® stereo! Childhood is actually brainwashing, when you think about it. You come into the world knowing nothing (it seems) and that space gets filled up real fast by folks all around you. As John Bradshaw so eloquently points out, until we do something about it, we are all walking around in a post-hypnotic trance induced in early childhood. Take education as a case in point.  As the Master Therion noted so many years ago, education means a drawing out. To “educe” means to bring out

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what is already there as a latent potential. But in our culture, rather than drawing out, education is a matter of cramming in. Rather than helping us to find out who we are and what we were born to do, our educational system just crams into our heads what the “experts” agree is “knowledge” and “belief.” It can take a whole lifetime to get over the kind of mistreatment which is a standard education here. I am not saying that I am either qualified or able to help get anyone past that, but I sure as hell can help you when those tapes impinge upon your spiritual desires and needs. I’ll be there to help work out the answers with you, not for you. It will be a Journey we take together.


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