Times Are Bad And Getting Badder


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Click Here For My Website

My previous post was kind of tongue in cheek, but today we get serious. We all know that the economy stinks and is bleeding jobs. I can’t count the number of people I know who have been “downsized” after years – in some cases decades – on the job. This is the worst since The Republican Great Depression of the 1930’s. And this is one mess we cannot wait for the politicians to fix; they got us into the mess in the first place! And now they’re only interested in spending taxpayer billions to bail out their rich Wall Street buddies. Look how fast they shoveled hundreds of billions of dollars into the hands of reckless and clearly larcenous bankers, then remember how the politicians sat around with their thumbs in their mouths after Hurricane Katrina came along. Oh, they take care of their own, all right. There’s a reason, you know, that the US Senate is called “the Millionaire’s Club.” Clearly, we cannot wait for them to provide help. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to the work of getting you work or holding on to work.

If you are looking for work, or concerned about keeping your job, or if you want your business to prosper in the coming hard times, you should seriously

Typical "Republican Great Depression," 1930's, Luck Ad

Typical "Republican Great Depression," 1930's, Luck Ad

consider giving yourself a Magickal assist. Documented evidence proves that during the Republican Great Depression of the 1930’s millions of people – just plain folk like you and me – turned to the Magickal Arts to give their efforts an assist. You can do the same!  

Depending on your needs, that assist could be in the form of a simple Spell, a daily Affirmation or perhaps something like a more elaborate Candle or Spirit

Evocation Ritual. Both forms are rooted in centuries old practices, folklore and tradition. You may also want a Talisman or Amulet along with everything you need to “charge” it at home. Maybe a MoJo Bag will handle what ails you… Whatever you need, rest assured that you will be getting personalized service from a professional with many years experience in the Esoteric Arts.

I have no desire to profit from hard times. When we discuss your situation – including your needs and your desires – we can reach an understanding that can help you in many ways. The most important help comes in boosting confidence and assuredness as you go about your tasks. After all, it makes no sense to do a Ritual that allegedly helps you find a job if you do not get out there and present yourself. Likewise, what is the use of performing a Ritual to get a luxury yacht if you lack the means to pay for the upkeep? For centuries, people of all cultures have turned to Magick Ritual, Hoodoo, Voodoo or Prayer to get what they need or desire. But the most important element in the whole deal is YOU! Click on my picture to get to my website to see the options. Then follow the HUGE link near the top of the homepage to find the FREE OFFER to help get you going. And please feel free to contact me as a spiritual advisor. In that capacity, all our communications are privileged and I cannot reveal what passes between us.





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