Bloomberg Is At It Again


Rev. Camarena

Rev. Camarena

From the Hill’s blog/briefing room: “Bloomberg to Paterson: Hurry Up and Pick a Senator” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) urged Gov. David Paterson (D) to pick a senator already.  “It’s up to the governor, and I think the governor should make a decision reasonably quickly because this is just getting out of control and everybody’s focusing on the wrong things,” Bloomberg told reporters Monday, according to the New York Daily News.”


Typical Bloomberg cheap trick. Have you New Yorkers noticed that when Bloomberg wants something – a bloated stadium deal, congestion pricing, NYC summer olympics, term limits uprooted, now a senator selected – he ALWAYS insists that it must be done now, now, now? Whipping up fake urgency is his only method of trying to get something done and it usually fails. Bloomberg’s like the Music Man; Prof. Harold Hill in a cheap suit. He all but sings about trouble in River City to try to ram through a proposal without allowing time to think and assess the plan.  Naturally, nobody falls for his lame strategy, and it give the lie to the self-promoted notion that Bloomberg is a top “businessman” and a fantastic “salesman”. A good salesman would have us craving the thing he’s selling.  Not Bloomie. All he knows is this hurry, hurry, hurry gimmick which exposes him as nothing more than a third rate carnival barker. The same when it comes to our City’s budget problems. (and if the guy is a hot-shot business ace, why the hell are we facing a staggering deficit under his watch? It does not compute, Will Robinson.) All Bloomberg knows is raise taxes and cut services. Some businessman. A ten year old could figure out that way to handle things. Businessman? If he’s so essential, just think about this: he has been away from his company for almost 8 years now and it is running fine. So who needs Bloomberg over there? No, he’s showing himself to be no more than a petty tyrant who feares having nobody to boss around next year, so he and a greedy City Council rammed through term limit changes. The public didn’t buy it, so he “bribed” the council with offers of $$$ for their districts and a chance to run again themselves.  Oooo, what a smart man. I’m soooo impressed.


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