I Couldn’t Have Said It Better (1)


Author Lon Milo Duquette

Author Lon Milo Duquette

This is one of my favorite quotations about the Holy Bible, as it is called.  I threw that “as it is called,” in because on a forum/blog a poster tried to vilify me for using the adjective “holy” in conjunction with the Bible. What a diatribe I got tossed back at me! That’s when I fully understood the term “flaming.” The person seemed to regurgitate all kinds of hatred in my direction; all based on inferences drawn just from my use of the word holy. Hell, that’s the name of the damned book, for god’s sake. I just gave up. This person was one of the many atheists I meet who are far more wrapped up in religion, albeit from the denial side, than most believers. If you don’t “believe” then that’s fine. Don’t believe. It’s why we have the wonderful First Amendment to the Constitution. But to make a nearly full-time job of not believing, well then I say you actually do believe. Or else you would not give a damn about it. Hope I wrote that clearly enough. I’m not the most eloquent guy in the world. Which brings me to someone who is one of the most eloquent guys in the world: author Lon Milo Duquette. If you don’t know of him, I say look into him asap. The man is wise, funny and such a teacher as I have never encountered. He’s even one hell of a rockin’ singer/songwriter. Well, here’s what the man wrote about the folks who wrote the Holy (no offense meant, honest) Bible: “These sages were full-time holy guys. They wrote this stuff for other full-time holy guys, and the tiny segment of every generation who would be equipped with the intelligence, the spiritual drive (and leisure time) necessary to embark upon a lifelong quest for enlightenment. I assure you, these ancient mystics would have produced a radically different body of work had they in their wildest nightmares imagined that in some future dark age their secret coded scriptures would be seized by half-witted and sadistic European cannibals and interpreted literally like some grotesque racist history book.” (From “The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford”)  See what I mean? Eloquent. I couldn’t have said it better.  Find Lon Milo Duquette here: http://www.lonmiloduquette.com/


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