Oh, No! Not Another Trust-Fund Baby!

It’s a nice clear, crisp winter day here in NYC so it can’t be blamed on heat-stroke. Here it is, 45 years after President Kennedy was killed so how do folks commemorate it? They are actually taking seriously the idea that Little Caroline Kennedy, now grown up and everything, wants to get her first actual job. Like I said, it can’t be blamed on the heat.
When are people going to stop electing trust-fund babies to represent them. Ms. Kennedy (Is she still Mrs. Schlossberg? Why don’t we hear that name?) does not know the feeling of having a pile of bills due. She never experienced the fear that she may lose her job. I dare say she never wore hand-me-downs or sat in a bar nursing a beer while deciding whether or not to play a few more songs on the Juke Box or leave the guy a decent tip. Folks, the president we have now – you know, the guy who screwed up the economy, who screwed up two wars, who never had a real job in his life until he became the Governor of Texas – this current president is a trust-fund baby from Connecticut and look how things turned out. Come on, are we really going to have in office another person whose idea of “Doing The Unthinkable” is to dip into capital?
Often people rationalize electing the super-wealthy by saying “He’s honest and can’t be bought because he doesn’t care about money.” Don’t you believe it! In order to have that much money one has to care a great deal about money. If I told you I had 2,000,000 baseball cards, would you say “He doesn’t care about baseball cards”? Of course not. No offense against Mrs. Schlossberg, but stick with what you know. Have people over for tea and edit another book about poems your mommy liked. And if politics appeals to you, then run for the City Council. Or join the Community Board. Just don’t muck around with public office like its another yacht that would be fun to play with. But wait! The Governor who has to make the appointment to fill the vacant Senate seat… HE’S A FRIGGIN’ TRUST FUND BABY TOO! WHO NEVER HAD A REAL JOB TILL HE ACCIDENTALLY BECAME GOVERNOR! We’re screwed, aren’t we…

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