Magick, Religion & Politics

minister-portrait-oval-aged1Religion and politics – two topics said to be avoided during polite conversation. Well, we hate polite conversation as much as we loath polite drinking. This blog is where we will share views on both subjects and hope to engage in a dialog with believers and non-believers alike. Also up for discussion is Ritual Magick. The Occult…
So I hope to hear from you out there. I am sure that you have much to teach me.

Rev. E.M. Camarena


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2 Responses to “Magick, Religion & Politics”

  1. supernatural fan Says:

    Hi Rev.

    It is nice to see a preacher open to all sorts or beliefs. In my opinion this is the way forward and makes for a more peaceful world.
    I myself am a practising witch and this path in life brings me great power and comfort.

    God has many faces and all roads which lead to harmony are definitely blessed in her holy name.

  2. emcphd Says:

    I agree, SF, especially about “all roads.” doesn’t it make you sad to hear people say that their way is the only way? I tell people to imagine that we both had to get to Chicago. I’m in California, you are in New York. So to get there, I travel east and you go west. Same destination (as in “destiny”) but we take roads which seem to be at complete odds. So which is the “right” road? And then of course there is a guy in Mississippi on his way to Chicago so he goes north. You and I are both wrong? Hell no! All three travel a different path to get to the same place. That’s how I see it. Thanks for stopping by. Have you seen my website yet? (Rev. Camarena)

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