A Bloody Christmas…

minister-portrait-oval-aged1How sick; trampling a person to death in a rush to buy a television set. Have you ever felt the need to own an item that just a few short years ago never even existed? Where did you get that all-consuming desire to own that thing? Well, this country boasts a multi-billion dollar industry that exists for no other reason than yo brainwash people into feeling empty without the latest of anything at all. Holy Mackerel! Look at TV: you watch a program and every few minutes they stop the story to sell you stuff. Would you tolerate reading a book, for example, and having to get up every few pages to get the constantly ringing doorbell and let in a salesman? Hell no! But that’s what the entertainment industry and the advertising industry have done to us. Some people even watch an annual football game just to see the commercials! The brainwashing that consumers endure from the advertising industry would be illegal if done to prisoners of war. Look up the word “entertain” and you will see that it does not mean to “amuse,” as the current dictionaries say, it means to hold on to a thing or person. As in entertaining an idea. TV stations hold you and make their money delivering your brain to the advertisers. And they instill such desire in people for vain, useless items that otherwise sane, stable people will trample a person to death to satisfy the desire that some rich SOB tricked them into wanting in the first place. Sad. We should all reflect on that.  Well let’s lighten it up here, shall we?  Please Enjoy A Visit To My Magickal Site & Get A FREE GIFT.  (And aren’t those the best kind of gifts? The free ones?)



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